Pallab Kakoti – Digital Marketing

An experienced digital marketing manager, seeking challenges in digital marketing, online advertising, web analytic, business development, media planning and buying with an organization of high repute. …

Seasoned online marketer currently pursuing MBA from Sikkim Manipal University, I have spent the last five years in digital marketing with a strong emphasis on search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization & email marketing. My responsibilities include setting goals for campaigns, monitoring and reporting on the respective results.

My strengths lie in my ability to conceive and implement strategic digital marketing plans to identify new market opportunities, product & services introductions, negotiate strategic partnerships in order to drive market expansion and accelerated revenue growth. Here is a preview of varied job responsibilities that I have handled over the years including my current work profile:

Initiate successful email campaigns with improved inbox deliver-ability by introducing dedicated mailer lists & related best practices. The objective was to improve user engagement & return visits as well as strategic marketing campaigns for new lead acquisitions.

Improved company’s Facebook page likes at controlled costs.

Devise online marketing plan execution and provisioning a good understanding of affiliate marketing business models including barter marketing concept to kick start online revenue.

Develop and launch new online communities to demonstrate ongoing growth in traffic to the site including registered users. User surveys to develop product suggestions based on their feedback.

Work to fine tune SEO, SEM strategies, harness SMO and develop plans to market the products socially as well as managing advertising budget and spending strategy displaying financial acumen.

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